Josh Franer

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Josh Franer is a director and photographer recognized for his profound ability to unearth beauty in the ordinary and make it special. Why? Because life is too short not to seek and celebrate beauty in every situation. Photography and storytelling offer a unique prospective on life as shaped by the photographer. And as an artist, it’s a both privilege and responsibility to present each person’s story, context, place, (and things) with the utmost care... because life itself is delicate. 
He is a co-creator of the attention grabbing ‘This Built America’ project sponsored by AOL and sold to Ford. He directed 13 episodes of this series.
Josh splits his time between California and his home state of Texas and enjoys international travel for work on charity-related projects. He is also a partner in a men’s clothing company, Buck Mason.
Josh's recent clients include: Rolling Stone, MTV, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Disney, GE, P&G, Team Mobile, Rolls Royce, ASUS, Microsoft, and Tumi.