Joshua Cogan | Living Portraits


"I met Lacelle during a project covering people living with HIV in Jamaica. The project was a collaboration between Poet Kwame Dawes and myself as an effort to bring light and love to a community that is often treated with disdain and marginalization in a country with a challenging epidemic." - Joshua Cogan

Photographer + director Josh Cogan's approach to photography has always been about finding something new, seeing something in a fresh way, figuring someone out, looking for a path through the other side. Here are just a few of his "living portraits". 

Bret Hartman Inspires Authenticity


Bret has years of experience shooting talent. From celebrities to real people — men, women, young, and old...he's worked with many personalities along the way. "I think that the best photograph is the most natural one. The one that allows the talent’s inside to show on the outside. To be able to bring out that authenticity that is sometimes buried deep inside. That’s my goal."

He loves engaging with people, striking up conversations with anyone — strangers even. That unique ability allows him to capture great portraits! 

Jeff Holt for DSW


Happy Singles Awareness Day! 

You have the freedom to figure out what you really want for yourself and go out and live it! These moments captured by Jeff Holt for DSW inspire us to follow our passions.