Joshua Cogan | City College of San Francisco


We were honored to partner with San Francisco agency Underground whose mission is to impact causes and communities across a growing spectrum of non-profits, social enterprise companies and public agencies committed to positive change.

Underground tapped photographer Joshua Cogan to capture City College of San Francisco students for its campaign promoting Free City — the free college tuition program for all San Francisco residents. 

“Josh captured both the spirit and personality of the students and the unmistakable character of San Francisco,” says Underground Creative Director, Charlie Cardillo.  “The images needed to demonstrate the both the diversity of San Francisco as well as the pride of the students and Josh nailed it. We were working under a very tight deadline, but Josh managed to capture the personality of the students and photograph all six students in two days.”

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Michael Brian | Wallis Annenberg PetSpace


When LA's Omelet agency created the brand infrastructure for Annenberg PetSpace, a new state-of-the-art pet adoption center and community space in Playa Vista, they sought an artist who could capture the joy and healing that animals can bring.  Michael Brian's rapport with man's best friend comes to life in shots for outdoor billboards, radio, digital, and social media.


Check out the below video for a behind-the-scenes look at some unexpected moments and the authentic bond Michael intuitively captures between real people and their pets.

Mark Hill | CNN's Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking


We caught up with entertainment photographer, Mark Hill, on his shoot for CNN's documentary Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking. He shares what he learned about the disturbing epidemic and behind-the-scenes images with host Jada Pinkett Smith.


CNN asked me to shoot stills, video and time-lapse photography to support the documentary Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking. The host, Jada Pinkett Smith partnered with CNN International to expose these unspeakable crimes that are hitting epidemic proportions in the United States. Since the first episode concerned trafficking in and around Atlanta, I photographed an array of local people with close ties to the sex trade industry. Some were deeply affected, such as Rachael McCool, who was trafficked as a high school student in an affluent suburb north of the city.


I also met and shot portraits of law enforcement officers fighting trafficking, such as Homeland Security agent Brock Nicholson and Dekalb County, GA Special Victims Unit officer Sgt. Torrey Kennedy. Both are deeply committed to ending sex slavery and trafficking in United States.


I also traveled to Brooklyn where Jada Pinkett Smith was preparing to interview a female pimp that brutalized young women while trafficking them to willing customers. Jada was focused and serious and the entire crew could feel the weight of the heavy subject. After the video was wrapped, I was given a small window of time to shoot a portrait of Jada that would be used to promote the show. 

I found an interesting wall in an exterior courtyard that was covered in a dormant vine. The wall reminded me of a map of the US interstate highway system that traffickers use to transport their human subjects to the parts of the country where the demand for young prostitutes is highest.

It was the middle of winter and although the sun was out, it was bitterly cold outside. Jada was intrigued by the concept and bravely took off her warm coat and endured the cold temperatures. The first frames we shot looked as if Jada was really angry because she had just wrapped a difficult interview with the pimp. I showed her a few shots and asked her to bring some compassion to the frame. As you can see, she dug deep to bring a sense of hope to a subject filled with sadness and pain.

Click on this link to learn more about the sex trafficking epidemic and to see how the portraits were used by CNN.

Dave Spataro | Publix


It's not too late to fire up the grill and crack open a cold one! Food + lifestyle photographer, Dave Spataro, captures summertime favorites for Publix Super Markets. The flavorsome fare is sure to delight family and friends at your next cookout. 

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Monica Stevenson | Google AndroidWear


We caught up with Monica Stevenson and she shared a little bit about the concept, collaboration, and some behind the scenes from the Google AndroidWear shoot.  

This shoot for Google was such a fun opportunity. It required a whole lot of creativity, some great collaboration efforts, 8 unusually good-looking hands (only 4 of which were featured), and of course an assortment of beautiful watches from AndroidWear.

This job came to me because of my previous work in jewelry and still life photography. My style of photography, especially in jewelry and watches, focuses on capturing the details of the subjects that often go unnoticed.

In this case, we focused on capturing the character that each watch portrayed, some of which was unexpected. The watches from Google are marketed to a young, fashionable crowd, so the angle of the ad was to encourage buyers to “Wear What You Want”. To properly execute this vision, I collaborated with Marie Yan Morvan to style the clothes and watches. She paired a dainty woman's hand with a more bulky time piece, something unexpected, while also pairing a more professional, simple time piece with a man's hand sporting a suit, something quite expected. We needed to capture the idea that the buyer can purchase whichever watch best fits their lifestyle and more importantly, their personality.

That was what made the job so fun. Even though we were photographing hands, we had to bring out the personalities of the people through those hands. We had to capture smiles, expressions, and feelings through their sleeves, fingernails, and the placement of their hands.

It was a challenge, and it was a blast. Some of these shots put us in some hilarious situations. We had 4 people sitting very closely, their arms intertwined, some standing and reaching over each other. In order to pull off the look we wanted, we were quite literally playing a game of Twister!

Ultimately, we captured exactly what we were hoping for. A vibrant, colorful shot that portrayed the individual charisma offered by each watch. It was a delightful day and I was thrilled to end with a photo that accurately represented the product and company as a whole. - Monica Stevenson

Credits: Photographer Monica Stevenson, Stylist Marie Yan Morvan, Creative Director Frederic Carpenter with Theory House, Assistant Photographer Alaric Campbell, Photo Assistants Thomas Ignatius and David Burlacu, Manicurist Ana Maria Georghou, Casting/Producer Stephanie Cohen. 



Ellen Silverman - A Taste of Mexico


Ellen Silverman shares with us a taste of her travels to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The seafood rice stew, shrimp mango torta, floating island dessert, and other local cuisine were shot for two different cookbooks, Mexico Today by Pati Jinich and Back to the Kitchen by Freddie Prinze Jr. 

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