Joshua Cogan Entertainment + Portrait Photographer


When I first picked up the camera, it was a chance to explore and learn...a tool to satisfy my own intense curiosity. My approach to photography has always been about this...finding something new, seeing something in a fresh way, figuring someone out, looking for a path through to the other side.

Dusty Hernandez Harrison.jpeg

I came to photography from anthropology with a passion for travel and culture. What started as a passion for understanding how the world worked and what made people tick, turned into a career.  I have had the chance to live with Indian Magicians, Sail in the Swahili Islands and spend time navigating Amazonian Rivers a la Fitzcarraldo with Anthony Bourdain.

From that day, to this one, I’ve wanted to bring you along and take you close and show you the beauty and wonder in everything I do. It might be an artist, stranger or celebrity, maybe even a place you’ve never seen before...or one you’ve seen a million times, but from a new perspective.

I like bringing a lot of color and energy into my pictures, I want them to tell communicate with the viewer and impact them viscerally. I do this by keeping the energy playful and full of wonder, no matter what the subject is. Most importantly I love to collaborate with other creatives, thinkers, and always takes the work I do a different level of expression, and that it what it is all about! - Joshua Cogan