"Back to the Kitchen" with Freddie Prinze Jr.


Besides being a talented actor devoted dad and husband, Freddie Prinze Jr. is an incredible cook!  After a fun and packed two day shoot with Freddie and his family at their home in LA we moved the shoot to a NY studio to finish the food photography.  Both the LA and NY teams were awesome.  In LA we had prop stylists Alicia Buszczak and food stylist Mariane Cooper Cairns. We picked up in NY with food stylist Nora Singley and prop stylist Alistair Turnbull.  Creative Director Jeffrey Batzli, editor Dervla Kelly and AD Rae Ann Spitzenberger from Rodale Press were also incredible to work with.  For breakfast try the green chile eggs and ham and if you are a chocolate chip cookie fan Charlie’s double chip cookies hit the spot! - Ellen Silverman

Credits: Publisher Rodale Press, Creative Director Jeffrey Batzli, Editor Dervla Kelly and AD Rae Ann Spitzenberger from Rodale Press, Photographer Ellen Silverman, Prop Stylists Alicia Buszczak and Alistair Turnbull, Food Stylists Mariane Cooper Cairns and Nora Singley.