Ellen Silverman in Nikki Dinki's Meat on the Side Cookbook


Nikki Dinki and her co-star Bobby Dean can be seen on their show Junk Food Flip on the Cooking Channel. Just as we started shooting this book with Nikki she began filming the first season of Junk Food Flip where she and Bobby Dean travel around the country stopping at restaurants picking customer favorites, reinterpreting them into a healthier version - spreading the word on their version of healthier eating.  When they find the right dish, Nikki and Bobby issue a challenge to the owners of the restaurant that created it: If people think their version is as delicious as the original, then it goes on the menu. If not? The owners get bragging rights...and cash. 

Nikki is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic cookbook authors I have had the pleasure of working with! Together with prop stylist Bette Blau and food stylist Roscoe Betsill we spent 14 intense days shooting this book with Nikki both in the studio and on location. St Martin’s Press and editor BJ Berti did a fantastic job of creating a beautiful book. - Ellen Silverman


Credits: Publisher St Martin's Press, Editor BJ Berti, Photographer Ellen Silverman, Prop stylist Bette Blau, Food stylist Roscoe Betsill.