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Often, my photos show the world I dream to live in. I'm inspired by simple objects and feelings, which I try to recreate in my imagery. I like to showcase the simple beauty around us that often gets overlooked as we hurry through our busy days.

I studied photography at Syracuse University's Newhouse School. Upon graduation, I moved to New York City where I assisted several photographers before striking out on my own. Through my training, I've come to realize that I'm a left brained photographer and I frequently consider myself more as a problem solver than an artist. Collaborating with other creatives to not only meet the immediate goals of our shoot, but to be a part of the team that helps steer us to a successful end product, logistically and creatively, is a lot of why I love my job.

Robyn's recent client list includes: AKQA, Baker Street Advertising, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Canon, Google, Target Sunmaid, Weekend Almanac, Real Simple, Redbook, Grey Advertising, Cracker Barrel, American Baby, and Weldon Owen Publishing.