Paul Mason

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Paul Mason is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer based in Oakland, California. He has recently shot commercial campaigns for AT&T, Merck Pharmaceutical, John Deere, and Keen Footwear, and has been published by the travel magazines National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic Adventure, and Outside Magazine. He is also a member of the national organization, American Photographic Artists. 
The people and places in Paul's images exist outside the expected. There are the roadside diners, the rusting trailers, the everyday eccentrics and the offbeat conventionalists. There are all the recognizable objects and inhabitants of our world - but there's more. What distinguishes Paul's work is a quality beyond the expected literalism of the camera lens - what the images really capture is not people or place, but the emotional landscape of something we all understand, even if we can't name it. Regardless, the viewer comes away from the imagery feeling as if she has seen something special. 
"I look for a dreamlike quality," he says, "a mood that is almost universally understood but doesn't translate easily into words. This process is one that kind of tumbles along on the edge of a current, a kind of stream of intuition, where the result is a gentle dialogue between the image and the viewer."