Focus on Photography: Portfolio Reviews

Agency MJ reached out to a few Art Directors and Art Buyers and this month we're highlighting some of the responses to questions we posed about portfolio reviews. One of our first responses came from Jason Skinner, VP Director of Design at The Buntin Group. Here are his thoughts about what he looks for.



"We get so many portfolios via daily email. When I take the time to click through, and if the image interests me, and I make it to the photographers website, and if I bookmark, they become part of the process if a client has a need and I need to make a recommendation.

If the image and site are above and beyond, I'll reach out to the photographer and let them know that the image resonated with me. A conversation often continues over a period of time. I start to feel a relationship with the photographer. This has an impact on my final decision to reach out when a client need arises.

I think it's human nature to want to work with people you consider a friend or have a relationship with. So, when a rep or photographer comes into the office and takes the time to present work, I generally remember them. But because we have so many points of contact, it's good to get the occasional email that just says hey, look what I've been up to.

The portfolio of the photographer has to come first, but I will certainly go out of my way to work with a rep/photographer that has taken the initiative to build a relationship. Good people doing good work… makes for a good day."