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Agency MJ in New York City

New York City Photography Events

We're in New York City for a whirlwind week of portfolio reviews, agency meetings, and a variety of creative mixers. You can catch us at:


Mollie will be reviewing portfolios again at this year’s Fotoworks NYC. We always look forward to Fotoworks, because it’s a great opportunity to meet photographers with a variety of experience and backgrounds. Keeping up to date on emerging work from both seasoned and new photographers is a wonderful way to stay current to industry trends and the always evolving art of photography.

At Edge

At Edge is another event that we get excited about attending. The online portfolios and physical publications that At Edge puts together are always some of the most outstanding in the industry, so you can be sure that you’ll encounter some stellar company at their events.

What’s more is that, as a an agent and reviewer, At Edge is also a place to connect with art buyers and hear feedback from the gate keepers of the agency world.

At Edge party highlights -


Photo Plus 

In addition to Fotoworks, Mollie will also be reviewing portfolios at this year’s Portfolio Review program at the PhotoPlus Expo, a part of the Palm Springs Photo Festival. We had a wonderful time in Palm Springs earlier this year and are excited to participate again in New York! This year’s expo brings together some amazing talent, as well as some very passionate and leading figures in the photo community.

The Importance of Photography in Advertising


As Berenice Abbott once said, “Photography helps people to see.” It’s important to remember photography is an art form, one that serves businesses and people alike as a great source for marketing.

One Chance at a First Impression

First impressions are crucial. Great photographs are a sure fire way to show your best, while rushed images can show a company at its worst. With a beautifully rendered photograph, you can captivate your audience, portray your message, and generate trust. With a ho-hum image, in today’s lightning-fast technology driven world, it’s easy for people to click away – and just like that, you’ve lost your market & your advertising has failed.

Pictures Help Define Your Brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about what you want to say. Imagery should be clear and concise. The picture should inspire your audience to want to know more.

For instance, the M&Ms candies Red, Yellow and Green star in print ads and commercials. They offer personality and different situations for each ad, but the message is always clear: they are delicious. Consumers want to know more, and they are driven to try them.

Or consider how in the Fruit of the Loom ads, the shots are simple. In them, there are models (usually attractive ones, albeit) posing in their underwear. The slogan is clear: Fruit of the Loom sells underwear. Good-looking undergarments, yes, but no matter which model or ad, what is being sold is clear. When you think Fruit of the Loom, chances are good you think underwear.

from Robyn Lehr's - Weekend Almanac

Be Memorable. Be Great.

Visual is key, as we are living in an age where we are more and more visually focused. Not everyone will be able to capture the image so it conveys every nuance. Professional photographers spend years experimenting with light, angles, compositions, and studying their craft. It is pivotal you use an expert to help you find an image that is more than good – it’s memorable. It’s great.

Have a question? Need help with your campaign? If so, Agency MJ is here to help.

Captain D's

Kyle did a recent shoot for a Captain D’s interactive social media campaign, based around spotting differences between two similar pictures. The campaign features great art direction from Aaron Gresham at Big Communications in Birmingham, AL, food styling by Tami Hardeman, out of Atlanta, and, of course, spot-on imagery by Kyle Dreier, shot at his studio here in Nashville, TN.

Check out more of the campaign on Kyle’s blog, and flip through some of his portfolios on his website,