Crossfit Dogs by Michael Brian

Anyone that knows me knows that Crossfit has been an integral part of my life over the past five years. So it was only natural that before long, a photo essay was going to come down the creative pipeline. The concept was quite simple... capture accomplished athletes who spend a large part of their time training at the gym with their dogs. 

The fundamental concept of Crossfit is "functional fitness" and how it translates into one's daily activities. What better way to showcase this attribute than to portray the relationship between athletes and their dogs, and how they integrate them into their day to day training regimen. Of course, I pushed the envelope a lil' for the sake of creating unique images... but most of the time, it wasn't that much of a stretch. 

It was so much fun observing how each dog loved being a part of the action... they were always enthusiastic, and never even hesitated. It's an infectious energy that carries over to all of those around them. No matter what movement I suggested, the dogs were always a big YES! It was the humans that sometimes put limitations on what they felt their dogs were capable of doing. In the end, we were always successful, with positivity, encouragement, and lots of patience. 

Dogs feed off of our energy, from our thoughts and emotions, to our actions. When we as a group collectively put forth the same energetic message, all doubt and reluctance fall by the way side, and magic happens. It excites me each time I think of how much we have to learn from dogs. It is a broad reaching topic, of which I will continue to speak of and elaborate on in future posts.