Hollis Bennett's Travels In Iceland

Agency MJ photographer Hollis Bennett recently traveled to Iceland, and we asked him to share a bit about his adventures there. Read what he had to say and check on some of the great imagery he shared with us!

“The first half of this year was busier than I could imagine – I was working on varied and exciting projects and making some really nice work, but I knew that I needed a vacation sooner rather than later.  I’ve always been one to head north rather than south, as I would rather be bundled up than traipsing around on a beach.  With that in mind, I headed out to Iceland in the North Atlantic.  Ive always wanted to go here and for one reason or another it just never materialized.  So, a quick flight from Nashville to NYC to Reykjavik, and I found myself on an alien planet.  There is really no good way to describe how different the landscape is there.  The island has been shaped by countless volcanoes and copious amounts of water.  Throw in the occasional North Atlantic gale and you have the makings for some great scenes.

Iceland isn’t that large but there is no transit infrastructure outside of personal vehicles, which is why I rented an old Land Rover and hit the road.  Sure, there are more comfortable vehicles out there, and ones that are more fuel efficient, but that’s no fun, right?  In addition to being indestructible, I could take this thing ANYWHERE.  Three foot river crossing?  No problem.  Near vertical hills?  Easy.  As I said, Iceland isn’t large but the real gems are found towards the interior and the roads there are, shall we say, a little rough.  One other not insignificant reason I got the truck is because I could sleep in it and not deal with that pesky North Atlantic weather.

So, 2,500 long, slow miles and a full circumnavigation of the island later and I have 120Gb of still and motion.  The weather was in all regards crap but the light, when it came out, was stunning and the landscape was just unbelievable.  Black sand beaches met ice blue glaciers.  Multihued hills met verdant green valleys with fumaroles and geysers in between. The land truly is one of contrasts and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

The next time (and there will be a next time) I head to Iceland I hope it is at the behest of a client as there are so, so, so many opportunities to make stellar work here with a complement of talent and focus.  Until then…”