Hubert Kang | Vancouver Tourism

Having travelled far and wide for most of my shoots in the last few years, it’s such a great change of pace when I get to shoot at home. To me, it’s also a great honour that I get to share my view of my beloved city with the world.


Like all my other projects, preparation is the top priority. Scouting was especially important to this project because many of the locations were on the streets or in parks. While scouting, I was able to incorporate my love for running and cycling to find these locations. It couldn’t have worked out better. There is something special about being able to live and experience the location. I was able to stop and observe how people interact with the space. In my opinion that really helped me bring authenticity to my work. 


For Tourism Vancouver, it was fun being able to play the tourist in my own city. I had the opportunity to explore the city while running, on a Mobi (Vancouver’s local bike-sharing service), and on the Aquabus Ferries. I even had a chance to drop by Granville Island, a beautiful hub for local arts, food, and culture, to grab a few props. It was a nice creative refresher to be able to rediscover my city again. 


Here are some highlights that I’d definitely recommend to visitors:

  • Third Beach at Stanley - Beautiful sandy beach on the one side, lush forest on the other. Perfect place to watch the sunset.

  • Fairmont Waterfront Patio - A bit of a hidden secret for the best view of the harbour in the city.

  • East Van Coffee Roaster - Delicious gem for handmade chocolate and coffee. They also have a wonderful program that helps at-risk women re-enter the workplace with training and work experience. 


A special thanks to Tourism Vancouver for giving me the opportunity to work with them and for providing my dog, Sammy, the opportunity to debut his unexpected modeling career. I had a great time photographing my home and hope that visitors will love this beautiful city as much as I do.

-Hubert Kang