Mark Hill | Jack Black + Parade Magazine


Actor Jack Black exudes good humor and merriment in this holiday shoot for Parade Magazine with celebrity and portrait photographer Mark Hill behind the lens to capture it all. We sat down with Mark to get the story behind Jack's spirited shenanigans. 


"I can’t think of a more fun assignment than shooting the actor Jack Black, unless of course, the magazine wants him to dance around wearing a red “Union Suit”!

Jack was in Atlanta promoting his Christmas film “Jumanji” and Parade Magazine had secured an hour of his time to shoot a holiday themed cover.  As you can imagine, he is a total pro that has been photographed by some of the best photographers in the world, so I needed something special to grab his attention and get him excited for our shoot.  I knew that Jack loves music, especially classic rock, so I borrowed a full DJ rig so that my 13 year-old son could spin some vintage vinyl while we were shooting.  As Jack walked into the studio, my son Dodge started playing Led Zepplin’s Kashmir, and Jack immediately started “singing” the distinctive notes. He immediately walked up to Dodge and started discussing the albums he brought and what kind of guitar my son likes to play. In a word, Jack Black was simply awesome.


Jack was so much fun to shoot! So full of energy and willing to do everything we asked. The initial idea was for Jack to hold a piece of mistletoe over his head with a lipstick print on his cheek. For the second set up, we wanted him to clown around in a bright red Union Suit. Once he was dressed, I asked for Jack to jump a few times and the results were amazing. Each shot was better than the last with perfect body position and a big, funny smile.  Once we were wrapped, Jack took photos with everyone on the crew, including me and my son. In all my years of shooting, Jack Black is the coolest, most down to earth actor I have ever met." - Mark Hill 

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Credits: Photography Mark Hill, Assistants JD Raper and Chris Carder, Parade Photo Director Nicole Kopperud.