Michael Brian | "In Dog We Trust"


We caught up with Michael Brian and he shared a bit about the development and concept behind “InDogWeTrust”.

To say I shoot a lot of pics of my dogs would be the understatement of the year. I was goofing around one day in the backyard when this project was birthed…sorta. 

Now I’m not a big fan of dressing up dogs, but I had an inclination one day to try hoodies on them. After a few shots, I realized the dogs took on these amazing personas. As I scrolled through the pics, the photos really took me by surprise. Such a broad range of emotions came to the surface. There was something present in their eyes I hadn’t ever seen before. At that point, I felt I might be on to something interesting.

When I see a compelling shot of a dog, I can literally sit and stare at the image for a solid 5 minutes. Their emotions can run the gamut from raw and authentic to genuine and engaging. This time around though, their expressions were downright deep, intriguing and incredibly appealing to my curiosity. Every image told a slightly different story, based on how they wore the hoodie, their body language, etc.  

This is where it gets interesting… from a spiritual perspective, dogs are one of our greatest sources of angelic assistance. Our dogs (our angels) come into this world to be closer to us than any person could ever be! Dogs are void of ego and act solely upon their instincts, much like us when we were born. Without diving too much deeper into the esoteric, dogs are all knowing beings. So when I saw the dogs wearing their hoodies, they looked to me as if they had become other worldly, coming from a place of peace, love and all knowing. 

So the broad scope of the project is to attach some rather profound statements tailored to each individual image, that portray the dogs as peaceful warriors, speaking to us humans from a place of guidance, love, and awareness.

Working along side Creative Director Marcus Moore and Copywriter Colin Costello, we have just recently branded the project “InDogWeTrust” (@InDogWeTrust2017), so keep an eye out for some deep dog doctrine coming your way very soon!!