Monica Stevenson | Expression of Cosmetics


Monica Stevenson is known nationally and globally for her work in capturing the crucial and stunning details of objects for brands that range from Tiffany and Co to Target, from Jack Daniel's to Chanel. However, even more than these large brands, Stevenson's photography talent is most clearly displayed in her work for the Beauty Industry. This widely-acknowledged talent is evident in Monica Stevenson's recently released “Beauty” collection, released as a print piece in mid-June, 2017.

The print piece will be an unconventional piece printed on newspaper. “I was starting to think of new way to display my portfolio as opposed to the traditional 17x11 printed piece,” Stevenson offered when asked why she chose this medium to display her work. “The world has become more modern, more streamline, so I felt I needed to find a more streamlined and portable way to display my portfolio.”

Stevenson's goal for the piece was birthed from collaborating with Richard Norris of Project 13. “Richard is very casual, he likes breaking the rules. At first, we were going to do a printed hardcover book, but Richard had the idea to print it on a large newspaper. I felt like we were breaking all of the rules by using newspaper for such a detailed collection. Newspaper is not classically perfect, it's quite irreverent in the print world. But it felt liberating to be irreverent, like we were flying by the seat of our pants,” Stevenson stated.

“Beauty has varied throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world. Beauty has been described and depicted through pictures and concepts penetrating our minds. Beauty has been defined in so many ways. What I have discovered is that beauty is simple. "Beauty is happiness.”

The very first words in the piece are an accurate depiction of that goal: to celebrate that beauty is not necessarily perfection, but at its true core, beauty is happiness- like the happiness that comes from breaking the rules every once in awhile.

From the very beginning of the collection, Stevenson captures beauty in an eyelash, a soft pink lip, a subtle sparkle to enhance the human eye. When asked to choose one photo that best represents her portfolio as a whole, Stevenson zoned in on pages 12-13. “The photos of the beautiful dark-haired girl with red lips, with a black background. She's casually beautiful, she's elegant, a little bit sexy. She looks almost as if she's playing a part.”

Stevenson continues her piece with the “Expression of Cosmetics”.  Cosmetics are so often used to enhance existing beauty, but Stevenson's photos capture the beauty that are the cosmetics themselves. Monica Stevenson's collection encourages us to not overlook the simple things that make beauty what it truly is. Whether it be the delicacy of powders, the transparency of soap suds, the uninhibited fluidity of liquids, or the confidence in a woman's eyes, every piece of the collection causes us to look deeper into the qualities of true beauty and seek out where these qualities dwell inside ourselves.

Let the photos from Stevenson's most recent print piece inspire you to embrace the happiness that is welling up inside you, and as a result, the beauty that radiates so effortlessly from you.

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