Now Representing Ellen Silverman

We're thrilled to announce the addition of Ellen Silverman to our roster of photographers and directors!

Her background in Cultural Anthropology has given her a keen interest in people, their culture, how they live and the things that they surround themselves with, which give clues to who they are. These interests are most evident in her personal work reflected in what she chooses to shoot when not on assignment. The website FathomAway included Ellen in their list of 24 favorite travel photographers.

Since December of 2010 Ellen has been to Cuba five times.  She was so inspired by the people she met as well as the visual richness of the country that she created three unique projects. Two of her projects reflect her interest and curiosity about food and markets.  Spare Beauty – The Cuban Kitchen is a series of photographs of Cuban kitchens.  These photographs have been exhibited at Umbrella Arts Gallery in NYC and at The Cuban Heritage Collection - Richter Library at the University of Miami and published in several magazines and blogs. The Cuban Table – A Celebration of Food, Flavors and History is a cookbook which she conceived of and photographed. It was nominated in 2015 for a James Beard Award. The third project, My roots lie here is a video about four elderly Cubans who have lived in their homes all of their lives. In the past year it has been screened at three festivals.

Ellen has a wide and varied photographic career. With a passion for markets cooking and sharing meals with family and friends her main photographic focus has always been food.  She is a patient, detail oriented photographer who carefully chooses her team to achieve the most inspired collaborations. One of the joys of being a commercial photographer is the unique opportunity and challenge it provides to create and tailor a photograph to best suit each clients needs.  

Ellen lives in NYC with her husband and son.  Her favorite word is commensal –  meaning , the act of eating together. When not in the studio shooting food or traveling she can be found in her kitchen with her family and a table full of friends.