Revisiting the Revolution with James Quantz Jr.

James Quantz, Jr. recently shot a personal project he dreamed up that would loosely document the events that took place in Camden, SC during the Revolutionary War from 1780-1781. One of the goals for the shoot was to re-create the action of a few film stills.

Taking a project like this from start to finish inevitably becomes more about the process than the results, even though the results here are fantastic. In James’s own words, “When researching this project it became clear just how immense of a task it would be to pull together. For something like this I knew I wouldn't be happy going half way since it would all be reflected in the final product, unless I relied on my post processing/Photoshop skills and that's not what this would be about. I wanted this to be about photography and using light to capture my vision as far as I could take it in-camera.”

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