Canon PIXMA PRO City Senses Gallery at Folsom Street Foundry - October 8th, 2013

A big thank you to Grey Group and Canon for choosing me to shoot on this amazing project inspired by wine country!  

We were given 4 sensory objects (the touch of soil, the taste of grapes, the sound of a breeze, and the smell of a cork) to use as the main source of inspiration for our images.  We were given complete creative freedom to follow our own ideas… and, of course, a week to do it all in.  

I wrote down everything that came to mind while handling the sensory objects and then tried to organize my list into a possible shot list.  Obviously, I would find some vineyards to shoot on location but I also needed another idea to keep the images fresh and to avoid redundancy… a food shoot seemed like the best choice for me.  

As I refined my ideas, I thought about color palette and textures.  I decided to use more texture and a darker palette for the categories of Touch and Smell and a softer and lighter palette for Hear and Taste.  I felt it was a great way to vary my images while still telling the whole story.

Thanks to my crew for our food shoot and to Littorai and Peay vineyards for lending me your beautiful locations. – Robyn Lehr