Josh Franer

Josh Franer | MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa

Josh Franer | MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa

When Sonoma's luxurious MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa needed new visuals to show off their recent renovations, they called on photographer/ director Josh Franer to bring his discerning eye to the project. Josh captured everything from interiors and portraits, to food, drinks and landscapes for the property, and I must say, we're ready to check in.

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Josh Franer | TriStar Health

Josh Franer | TriStar Health

A celebration pregnancy and child birth is the focus of this new multi-platform campaign for TriStar Health, shot by photographer/ director Josh Franer.  Challenged to capture these intimate moments in stills and motion, Josh's authentic approach to connecting with his subjects, paired with his beautifully crafted light, made this project a success.

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Josh Franer | LP Building Products

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How do you make building materials fun? You put them into real-life context, shot through the honest lens of photographer / director Josh Franer, of course.

LP Building Products and advertising agency GS&F collaborated with Josh to illustrate the brand’s story in beautiful golden light, genuine familial moments and active product scenes, which, side note, has got me rethinking my home’s current siding choice… I mean, look how much fun these people are having in their LP world… I’m calling my contractor...

Traditionally using straight product photography for their campaigns, “Our client was stepping out of their comfort zone,” says Brian Hodges, the GS&F art director for the shoot; as Josh is the co-creator of the stunning “This Built America” project for AOL & Ford, featuring brands like Lodge Cast Iron and Airstream, he’s a pro at pairing products and people to tell a great story. “I have to resonate with some aspect of the quality of the product, the storyline, or talent so that authenticity on my end—the finished product—shines through,” says Josh, and we totally agree.

Josh Franer | Autocamp

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Photographer / director Josh Franer teamed up with Autocamp on their most recent campaign. Josh gave me a great breakdown after the shoot, so I'll let him do the talking...

"Had a great time recently shooting and creative consulting for AutoCamp! It’s a modern take on glamping: luxurious airstreams and tents, inspired by the wanderlust of camping and the great American road trip. 

We shot both stills and video in two national parks and at their flagship location at Russian River; complete with misty coastlines, campfires, John Muir- inspired poetry, lots of coffee and whiskey. Adventure awaits, but it’s always nice to come back to your own shower in a modern airstream after long days of shooting.

My favorite style of filming is where photography becomes an experience, finding those real life moments, forming friendships and business relationships along the way."